About Us

Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation (rYico) is a UK registered charity based in Brighton. Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable young people in Rwanda through supporting access to education, training and information, and to increase understanding of Rwanda’s history and present outside the country. We do this through Centre Marembo, our youth resource in Kigali which supports young people who have been orphaned, neglected or left in very difficult conditions for a variety of reasons.

Projects that changed lives

The Abatuje


ABATUJE HOUSE (a place to find peace within) is the only refuge for vulnerable girls in Gasabo District, Kigali City. Centre Marembo is now known in the city as the first point of contact and support place available for women victims of violence. The Refuge not only it comfort the victims of domestic street violence, but it also provides reintegration support back to their home and communities. One nurse and one experienced counsellor in women’s sexual, mental health, and family planning have been recruited.

More girls and young women currently attending  Centre Marembo  understand the family planning methods that are available in Rwanda. Ongoing recovery has also been made by girls suffering from HIV/AIDS. Centre Marembo has paid for the Annual Rwanda National Health Insurance Cards for 150 direct beneficiaries; these can now access free Rwanda Health services. The insurance cards have brought a real success in tackling their ongoing general health issues and extend their life.

Two women’s co-operatives have been set up to enable 52 graduates from crafts and tailoring courses to generate income and secure jobs. In the area of justice, 6 young girls have obtained justice. Two men are now serving the mandatory 25 years prison sentences after conviction of rape.

Centre Marembo’s original aspirations for working for and with women to empower them has been achieved.