Board of Trustees

Laura Craggs

Laura has worked in the international development field for several years with the Institute of Development Studies, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and most recently AVERT, an international HIV/AIDS charity. Prior to this she was a professional translator with NGOs and charities in French-speaking Africa. She has been a volunteer with rYico since 2007 and became a trustee in 2010.

Ann Rodrigues

Ann studied Rwanda briefly during her university days, after 25 years in the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) she retired, leaving her with the time and desire to contribute her time to charity work. Ann chose rYico as a small charity where she felt her contribution would achieve a lot. Ann began as a donor and then joined the rYico trustees in March 2013.

Wendy Hook

Wendy first visited Rwanda in 2006 and began supporting rYico after a recommendation from a member of the UK foreign office who felt their work was valuable. She progressed from donating to volunteering her time and with a background in advertising, Wendy spends her time on our communications and fundraising. She annually funds a visit to Centre Marembo where she provides practical help to the centre and gathers information to share in our communications. She became a trustee in 2014.

UK Staff

Managing Director – Vivenie Mugunga

Viv is one of the original founders of rYico and currently runs rYico operations in the UK, she has a BA in International Relations and Culture from Sussex University. Previously, Viv worked in the UK with groups of young refugees, homeless and disabled children and has undertaken a variety of fundraising activities for different Rwandan charities.

Rwanda Staff

Nicolette Nsabimana

Nicolette took over the management of Centre Marembo in 2010. Nicolette is a trained lawyer and gave up her job in the city of Kigali as a lawyer to run Centre Marembo full time. As well as running the Centre, she spends a considerable amount of time working with policy developers within the police and government in Kigali to improve the legal and social policies surrounding women who are victims of sexual and domestic violence.

Francine Mushimiye

Project Co-ordinator for our projects specifically for empowering women and young girls. Francine is responsible for managing our team of social workers, nurses, legal representatives and counsellors to ensure the appropriate care is received by all of the girls and young women we help.

Rose Mugorewera – Sewing School Manager

Anique Uwamahoro – Social Worker

Jean-Pierre Nsabimana – Craft School Manager

Natalie Umugwaneza – Counsellor

Gato Filgence – Counsellor

Alex Rudasingwa – Accountant