In a population where 85% are subsistence farmers, and where minimum wages are as low as £1 – £4 per day, the costs of sending a child to school (around £80 per term for primary and £150 for secondary including fees, transport and supplies) can be prohibitively high, leaving around 600,000 children in Rwanda with no access to education.

Around 60% of young adults who don’t complete secondary education are un- or under-employed, vs 24% of of those who do, so education of the young girls who come into our care is vitally important to give them the best chance of a self-sustaining future.

Centre Marembo pays education fees and costs for books etc for the girls of school age who need our help, and also for young boys whose mothers are in need of our services. Often, we try to find places at boarding schools with whom we have a special partnership, as they can provide food and shelter alongside education, further reducing the financial burden on the family.


You can help us provide formal education to more children in need by donating.