Donations from new and existing supporters are absolutely crucial for us to continue our very valuable work in Rwanda and in the UK. We have very low overheads so you know that all the money you give us is going straight to really helping where it counts.

RYico’s work makes a huge difference to people’s lives but this is only made possible by sustained funding so thank you in advance for helping us in whatever way you can manage.

Regular Donations

Regular donations allow us to plan activities knowing the regular income we can rely upon. If you would like to, you can set up a standing order to donate a set amount at your desired frequency.

Single Donation

If you can’t manage to commit to ongoing donations but would like to contribute or have raised a lump sum you would like to donate, it will be very gratefully received.

Gift Aid

Remember that if you’re a UK taxpayer you can add 25% to the value of your gift to rYico at no extra cost! Find out more about Gift Aid.

Sell on Ebay and Donate Proceeds to us

Donate a % of your sales to charity directly through eBay for Charity. You decide exactly what percentage of your final selling price you’d like to give to charity, and what percentage you’d like for yourself. You can sell on behalf of rYico here.