In the immediate term, women coming to the Centre for help receive any emergency medical care they need, including  legal evidence examinations for rape victims conducted by appropriately sensitive facilities. Longer term we have established partnerships with local hospitals and health centres in order to provide HIV testing and, where needed, an antiretroviral regime. We also provide medical insurance to the women we help until such time as they can afford to provide it for themselves. Recently Centre Marembo has been lucky enough to partner with an association of Austrian doctors we have been working with for some time. The doctors have generously acquired funding for a laboratory that is now being built on our land and will provide testing for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, along with DNA testing to prove paternity in necessary cases. This represents a huge advance for the services we can offer the girls and women who we help.

Drop-in service

Centre Marembo provides a drop-in service 7 days a week for young women with sexual health questions. Via the drop-in, we provide confidential contraceptive advice and supplies, HIV prevention and healthcare. This acts as an excellent gateway to encourage any young women who are also suffering abuse, who may be naturally distrusting of institutions, to take advantage of Centre Marembo’s other services and to raise awareness in the community for other women who may need our help. It is also available to provide ongoing support for former beneficiaries so Centre Marembo can ensure permanent, positive change in their lives.

Marembo Journal

The Marembo Journal is a bi-monthly magazine, produced at Centre Marembo since 2007 for young people in Kigali thanks to the project donor, Bottletop. The purpose of the Journal is to raise awareness amongst young women about their rights and various topics affecting their lives. It also provides the opportunity for women at the centre to be involved in writing, editing and producing the Journal.

With further funding the centre would like to distribute more copies of each edition across Kigali in order to make more young women aware of the services available to them at Centre Marembo.


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