A number of training programmes have been developed by Centre Marembo to allow young people to acquire employable and income-generating skills:

Sewing and Tailoring

We provide 6 months of basic training in cloth-cutting, sewing and tailoring. This basic training is followed by a placement in UTEXRWA, a local textile and clothing company, to enhance skills and gain experience. At the end of their placement, some of our women are presented with their own sewing machine, and we help them form and sustain cooperatives. Others go on to work at African Sewing Club where they have the job security of ongoing projects for both local supply and for sale abroad.


Courses in cookery offer excellent long term emplyment and career prospects for many of the women we help, with an expanding tourism industry in Rwanda, there is often need in restaurants and hotels for additional staff that can give our women the longer term job security they need.

Arts and Crafts

We provide training and education in arts and crafts to many of our young women, including basket weaving, jewellery making and creation of traditional cards from banana bark. This has a dual purpose:

1. It enables them to generate an income with materials that are cheap and easy for them to find.

2. It is an enjoyable and therapeutic pursuit, particularly for those that have suffered trauma, allowing them to express themselves through a positive and creative outlet.

After training, we assist our beneficiaries to start cooperatives, and we continue to provide them with support as they strive to become fully self-sustaining.


Products made in our workshops and associated cooperatives are available at Shop4Rwanda, as well as at the centre and various stalls in Kigali. All profits return to the producers and to the Centre, helping to continue provision of these services to those in need.


You can help us set more young women on the pathway to independence by donating.