Keeping Memories: Rwandans in the UK

In this rich, important and thoroughly human book, members of the Rwandan diaspora who have settled in the UK commemorate the past by sharing their experiences and insights and by celebrating a positive future for Rwandans.

This book does not attempt to present a cohesive history, an academic analysis or an argument. It offers the reader a diverse tapestry of personal stories and emphasises the importance of learning directly from individual experiences to gain understandings of large-scale, complex events.

Authors: Abdou, Appolinaire, Bosco, Beatrice, Jacob James, Leonard, Louise, Medy, Michael, Patrice
Editor: Jen McDerra
Design: Stella Cardus, Desktop Display
Interviewer Team: Houda Davis, Nick Godshaw, Haley Moyse and Georgia Whitaker Hughes
Printer: One-Digital
Publisher: rYico and QueenSpark Books
Published: April 2013 ISBN: 978-0-904733-91-4

Price: £9.99

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