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In January 2006 Centre Marembo began a new programme. Now that the first group of children are going to school, Marembo has started offering a new group the opportunity to study at the centre 3 mornings a week with a view to their resuming school at the next opportunity. Tuesdays are drop-in days and are now including new activities including karate, crafts and guitar lessons. The range of activities are designed to provide structured leisure and learning time for the children. Gradually the centre is reaching out to more and more young people. The majority at present are boys but more activities will be developed to encourage more girls to join over the following months. The centre aims to go beyond providing a home or meal for these young people by working together with other organisations that can support their families. We hope that this holistic approach will help to achieve our long-term aim of reintegrating the boys, where possible, back into their families and the wider community.

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